Concerts and Festivals

It is no coincidence that the greatest events of recent years bear the quality stamp of our company! For these events we have stages, platforms and podiums, fixed and movable risers, access stairs, ramps, railings, fences, security fences (mojo barriers), backstage dressing rooms and equipment. We trusted by Festivals such as the Pafos Aphrodite Festival, Christmas Mystery, Christmas Paramythoupoli, Fengaros Music Festival, Ayia Napa Medieval Festival and many others. We have provided our services for concerts with artists like the Scorpions, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Armin Van Buuren, Anna Vissi, Despina Vandi, Notis Sfakianakis, Elena Paparizou, Sakis Rouvas, Yiannis Ploutarhos, Antonis Remos, Vasilis Karas, John Kotsiras, Michalis Chatzigiannis, Yannis Parios, Haris Alexiou, Nikos Vertis and others.

Wedding Receptions

Leave free your imagination and come to plan the wedding of your dreams in any place you choose… at home, in the garden, swimming pool, a reception area or a deserted beach. We will offer you the solutions for this day to be indeed the best of your life. Floors for uneven rough areas, like gardens and beaches, pool covers to save space or just for decoration, stages for the band or DJ, curtains, dance floor, DJ booths, bars, special lighting and sound are some of the products available for better service. The largest and most fancy weddings in Cyprus have been done with the support of our company.

Space Configuration

The particular needs of each event often require an appropriate configuration of the spaces they are held in. Creation of levels for better visibility for the audience, extensions of levels and existing platforms to increase the surface area, VIP platforms and partitioning of spaces in tiers according to the ticket. All of these with the appropriate access stairs, ramps and rails needed for good movement and safety. We have created such structures in many halls and hotel ballrooms and large outdoor areas such as gardens and beaches.

Fashion Shows

The flashy world of fashion is highlighted through our catwalks as well as the meticulous back panel we have ... ... Catwalks for all sites, even inside or on top of swimming pools. We also provide all the necessary back stage equipment needed for this type of event, such as tables, chairs, full-length mirrors and mirrors for makeup, hangers, etc. We have built the catwalks for every Fashion Week that took place in Cyprus and our customers are the best known and largest agencies of Cyprus.

Cultural Events

Various bodies such as municipalities, local communities, associations, schools, dance schools, etc. come to us to find complete solutions even for the most difficult cases...... Anniversary events, school events, tributes, sporting events, end of year celebrations and a variety of other events become reality thanks to the flexibility of our products. For indoors or outdoors and always based on your own needs and your budget. Stages, lined stages, small stands, dance floors, scenery, back panels, podiums, lighting and sound.

Theatrical Performances

Another demanding sector where our company is also leading. We have theater projectors (profile, pc, Fresnel,) sound systems, personal microphones and space microphones....... We undertake to build any scenery and offer complete solutions for transportation, installation and use of all the above in theaters or for tours. We have been trusted by large troupes from Greece for their performances in Cyprus and we have worked with almost all Cypriot Theatres and groups like Lexi Theatre, Pirasmos Productions, Dionysus Theatre, ETHAL Limassol, and many others. We offered complete packages for stages, grandstands, lights, sound and technical support for many shows like 'Froutopia' 'The Porto Sueno Trio "and the annual Theatre Festival in Lympia.


The graduation ceremonies are the most important moment for both students and educational institutions... We offer stages and panels specifically designed for each occasion and complete audio packages, lighting, filming and projection. Among the institutions that trust us are the University of Cyprus, the European University and many other private schools.

Political Events

Large and small electoral events, meetings, party conferences, commemorative events and parades. Covered stages, podiums, panels in the colors and symbols of parties and candidates, podium for speeches, seats for platforms and everything else you need. We have collaborated with almost all parties, many other organizations and the biggest advertising agencies in Cyprus.


We offer ready-made panels for conferences and manufacture by order with your own dimensions required for each occasion. Three-dimensional panels with openings to place monitors, covered in colors of your choice or with a sticker printed with any graphics you choose as appropriate. Stages and platforms covered with carpeting in the color of your choice, head tables, chairs and podium for speeches.

Television Productions

Our company offers solutions for television productions taking place in various venues... We transform existing facilities and construct props needed for each occasion. We also offer platforms and scaffolding towers for the cameras and fencing for sites where cameras and staff move for productions on locations. Amongst others we have worked on the productions of Junior Eurovision, MAD Awards, Man of the Year, Stoli Awards and many others.

Constructions for Exhibitions

Proper presentation of a company and the appropriate promotion of its products are of vital importance today... We offer a distinctive proposal. Pavilions that stand out with metal trusses, which can be decorated, and floors in a wide variety of designs and colors. Also platforms, in various colors and coverings, for product display or simply for decoration.

Special Constructions

This category includes structures made on order for specific events in specific areas. High platforms, corridors and access stairways, space extensions and special presentation platforms for impressive results.


Our company undertakes the complete design and creation of spaces for events, such as theaters, halls, night clubs, etc... All our products are offered for sale. Stages, dance floors, fences, panels, sound and lighting systems.

We import directly from factories for your benefit and better service.

We have supplied our products to large organizations and venues like Rialto Theatre, ETHAL Limassol, the Pallas Theatre in Nicosia, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, Epigonoi Theatre in Aglantzia, Adouloti Kyrenia Association, CYBC (RIK),  the Presidential Palace "Siila" Mansion in Lymbia, Club XS in Larnaca, Domaine Mackenzie, the ARTOS Foundation and many more.

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